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Or you could leave a comment below. I’m going to give twitter a go, but am, frankly, nervous. I like this message board and saying hello in an olde worlde way.


Emma x

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  1. Hi Emma!,
    Just a quick one let you know me and all my housemates in sheffield think phoneshop is awesome and hope you carry on for many series, as it is genuienly one of the funniest things on tele!!!
    Keep up good work

    1. Hi James,

      First off, thanks very much to you and your housemates – that’s a really lovely message and I’m very glad you’re all enjoying the series! Secondly, I’m delighted by your spelling of ‘tele’ – that’s absolutely the right way to spell it, I’ve spelt it like that for years and was recently corrected by someone and told it’s ‘telly’. I now feel vindicated!

      Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year


      Emma x

  2. Hi Emma

    Firstly phone shop is just amazing!!! Proper funny! Easily the best thing on TV.

    Secondly your character is brilliant and so really well acted. Totally believable and so accurate!!

    Finally I’m going to have to buy the Hometime DVD as I’ve heard it’s brilliant and your amazing in it too!

    Keep up the good work as your an amazing actress

    And……not to undermine the entire message, but your stunningly gorgeous and super sexy!! Your eyes are to die for!


    1. Hi Zen,

      My goodness, I think you’re being very kind! I’m so glad you like phoneshop and you’re going to have a watch of home time – they’re very different so I hope you like it!

      Is it too early to say Merry Christmas? Well, to heck with it, I’m doing it any way: Merry Christmas and thank you very much


      Emma x

  3. Hi emma,

    just stumbled across Phoneshop and have to say it is a work of genius… love your work in it and as an ensemble piece you lot really smashed it! Congratulations!

    Chris x

    1. Hi Chris,

      I’m very glad you stumbled upon it, thanks very much! I love our ensemble cast – when we all get to work together it’s like a proper little family


      Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the rest

      Emma x

  4. Sleepyman was absolutely hilarious. I can’t wait for more episodes. Your character is so funny. How much adlibbing do you do in the show? Or is it all scripted?

    1. Hi Nick

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the episode – he’s a great writer, isn’t he? It’s pretty much scripted but sometimes people do improvise or ad lib. In terms of how much ad libbing, I think it’s different for each of us – I didn’t do much this year as he had really clear ideas for Janine.

      Really hope you enjoy the rest of the series



      Emma x

  5. I can’t tell if I’m in “lust” with you, or Janine… bit of column A, bit of column B…

    Anyway, you’re a tremendous talent, including the stand up. I’d love to see you back on tour in the future.


    1. Hi Glen

      I’ve gone a bit red but thanks very much! I’d love to start doing stand up again but I’m gripped with The Fear. It’s super scary when you haven’t done live stuff for a while but I’m going to make it a new year’s resolution to at least have a go


      Thanks again

      Emma x

  6. Hi Emma

    Just wanted to say that you’re more beautiful than 100 pink flamingos on a golf course. I love your eyes, I think I’m in love with you.

    All the best

    1. Hi Hussam

      “100 pink flamingos on a golf course”? That’s certainly very kind – I’d have been over the moon with “you’d look sort of all right in a very dim light”. You’ve made my day.

      Thank you

      Emma x

  7. Hi Emma. Just to let you know, I am loving your work in phoneshop. Are you still payg? Lol. Just thought I’d also say you are bang tidy, and think you are proper gorge.

    How cringe is this message!?!? Oh dear.

    All the best for the future


    1. Hi Brett

      Tell you what, it may have felt cringey to write it but it cheered me up to read it – thanks very much! Really glad to hear you’re enjoying the show and, yes, Janine’s still payg – can’t see her ever getting that promotion


      Thanks again

      Emma x

      1. Lol, just re read what I had wrote, and to be fair I sounded like one of the funny-uns in this world, that can’t differentiate between real life and a program!!! Whoops. I do know Janine isnt real, and you dot really work on PAYG. I promise I’m not a crazed fan. Thanks for responding to me though, to me it was the equivalent of saying hello to a random at a bus stop, and getting a conversation out of it, won’t change my life, but was very pleasant non the less lol.

        Do you have Facebook????

        Hope all is well.

        1. Ha! No, I didn’t think anything of the sort, I just assumed we were doing that actor thing when they talk about a character as if they’re real eg “Janine wouldn’t say that” or “That’s so Janine”! I’m on facebook but I still don’t fully understand how to use it.


          1. Well if it helps you, add me, and I will guide you through the world of poking, and I’ll show you what it does on Facebook too….. Oooooo, flirty and slightly topical gag! You just can’t write them much better than that!!! Lol

          2. Jeez, and to think I offered you all of that, only to be ignored like an ignored thing. Never mind… All is forgiven, HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR!

          3. What u been upto then? I think I need to tell you…. Your eyes are like spanners…. They tighten my nuts!!!! BOOM….. Take that chat up line and digest it…. Oooooh yeahhhh.

  8. Hi Emma.

    Would just like to say how much I enjoy Phone Shop and have only just finished watching the Sleepman episode. How do you keep a straight face when filming?! Anyhow, keep up the great work, you truely are the ‘Pay-as-you-go Princess 🙂 James x

    Ps Is there any chance of getting a signed picture of yourself please? You’d make my year if you could x 🙂

    1. Hi James

      It is hard to not to laugh sometimes – I do try very hard not to corpse but I think I might be the worst offender. I’m really happy to hear you’re enjoying the series


      Of course I’ll send you a photo but I’d need an address to send it to – don’t publish it here though, you could end up with all manner of dodgy correspondences dropping through your letter box! If you send it to: Emma Fryer c/o Sarah MacCormick, Curtis Brown Group, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London, SW1 4SP, United Kingdom It’ll reach me and I’ll reply straight away.


      Emma x

  9. Hi Emma
    Loving the latest phoneshop series. Are you missing being in Sutton? Its where I live so funny to see so many familiar places on Camera, particularly with you and the rest of the cast in them!
    Do they make you stay in Sutton whilst filming?
    Anyhow, really great work. I hope there is a commission for series 3.
    Cheers, Andy

    1. Hi Andy,

      It must be weird seeing it on screen! Yes, I do miss Sutton, we always have such a nice time there and people are really friendly – I even got to talk to The Wizard this year! We don’t tend to stay in Sutton because most of us are based not too far away but we have a mobile unit when we’re filming, made up of caravans.

      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the new series



      Emma x

    1. Hi Maggie,

      That’s a stack of praise, thanks very much! I clicked on your name and saw your dress designs – they’re beautiful! I don’t think I’ll ever get an Oscars invite but if I ever get to go anywhere vaguely swanky, you’re on


      Thanks again

      Emma x

    1. Hello,

      Goodness, that’s very nice of you, thank you very much! If you get to see hometime, I really hope you like it.

      Thanks again


  10. Dear Emma,

    I am absolutely giddy for the return of Phoneshop. I loved you in it in the first series and look forward to another great series. I may as well also admit that I have a massive TV-crush on you. You’re a ridiculously attractive woman!

    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Dom,

      I’ve gone very red. I don’t know what to say except thank you very much – you’re very kind!

      Hope you enjoyed the new phoneshop – I’m always far too terrified to watch when it goes out.

      Thanks again


  11. Dear Emma,

    Home Time totally rules. I was also astonished to see your downright superbly unsettling performance in the thoroughly haunting “Kill List”. Er, and like Fiona in that film, I’d be happy for you to come and wave at me whilst I’m in a travelodge (or some such other featureless establishment)anytime. Er…keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Paul,

      I’m so glad you liked Home Time and Kill List! After that film, not many people would want me waving at them in a travelodge window – even close family and friends avoided me for a while and took to hiding their bathroom mirrors.

      Thanks very much


  12. Must have a second series of Home Time. Maybe if BBC received a petition for the series to be commissioned, you would have another crack at it. Most oftentimes first series may be construed as being rubbish because the writer has to squeeze all the introductions into the first six episodes for British shows or thirteen shows for American shows. I feel that since the groundwork has already been laid, the second series should really take off. Since the last series was in 2009, the public has been given 2 years to find this masterpiece; thus allowing for a greater audience for the following series. Please use this logic to explain to BBC or to Channel 4 (which would be an even better network because the limitations that BBC places on shows would be removed).

      1. That’s such a lovely thing to do! We weren’t very good at publicising Home Time (and a comedy drama about a depressive from the West Midlands was never going to be everyone’s cup of tea!) but when some people found it and cared about it, it meant the world. I don’t know how many people’ll sign up but the fact there’s something like this in existence is high praise indeed!

        Thank you so much


  13. Boo! Home Time not available in Brazil! Have to wait til back in the UK next year to buy it : (

    I’m a massive fan of Ideal and Phoneshop – must have watched them countless times, and I find your work great, Emma!

    1. Thanks very much! That’s a very cheery message to receive – I feel very lucky to have been in both. If you do find hometime, I really hope you like it.

      Thanks again,


  14. Hi Emma

    Having loved your work in Ideal and Phoneshop I was searching for other tv shows you have done and came across Home Time. I ordered the DVD straight away and was blown away at how good the show is. I cannot beleive the BBC hide away these shows. Are you going to do a second series. Also gutted there will be no more Ideal.


    1. Hi Brian

      That’s such a nice message to recieve – I’m so glad you liked home time! We’ve never been asked for a second series but I’m still really chuffed we got to make our daft little programme in the first place.

      I’m gutted about Ideal. It was my first acting job and you couldn’t possibly find a better group of people to work with – it was an absolute joy and I’m really proud to have been a part of it. Seven series is an amazing achievement though and testement to Graham as a writer. Still bloody gutted though.

      Thanks for finding home time.


    1. Hi William,

      I’ll be honest, I think I’d be really rubbish at it – I don’t quite get what your supposed to do. I think I’d bore people senseless if I tweeted about my day to day activity.


  15. Hello there – just found your website after seeing Home Time on DVDin HMV this afternoon! About bloody time! One of the best, most original comedies – me and my mate Nancy still sing about Tin Legs Lynne! Looking forward to re-watching it. Will there be a second series? If not, why not???


    1. Hi Rick,

      A huge thank you to you & Nancy! We’ve never been asked for a second series but we’ll be doing a ‘what would have happened next’ dvd extra to download from here – it’d be nice to finish up their stories.

      I really hope you enjoy the series as a re-watch and thanks for saying lovely stuff n’that – it really does mean an awful lot.



      1. Hi Emma

        Brilliant name. My eldest is called Emma. Just watched one of the second series of Phone Shop. My son and I have watched it from the beginning. You really are an amazing actress. I just hope that the nation is getting Phone Shop as much as we are!!!!! Go for it girl!!!


        1. Hi Maria,

          What a beautiful message, thanks very much! I’m so glad you and your son are enjoying Phoneshop – I always get really nervous when it (or anything) goes out so that’s made my day. Really appreciate it.


          Emma x

          P.S Don’t mean to be biased but I reckon Emma’s a great name – I’ve never met an Emma I didn’t get on with!

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