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Or you could leave a comment below. I’m going to give twitter a go, but am, frankly, nervous. I like this message board and saying hello in an olde worlde way.


Emma x

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  1. hi emma
    I hope you are well. I am from Coventry University and we are about to run a community campaign featuring successful people from coventry to inspire young people. We would love it if you could take part. Please could you email me on
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Annette

      Cheers for you message, hope you got my email. I’m very happy to be involved, give me a shout if I can still be of use.

      Emma x

  2. Hi Emma

    Just watched your performance in Moving On. Hope you don’t mind me saying that I thought it was thoroughly convincing, moving and in my opinion the best episode in that particular series.

    Hope to see you in something else very soon.

    1. Hi Alan

      What a lovely thing to say, thank you! It was a great episode, written by Jimmy McGovern and Shaun Duggan who also wrote an incredible episode of The Accused together, Tracie’s Story, which received a Bafta nomination. It was a truthful, timely script and I was honoured they let me have a go at it!

      Cheers again – your message means a lot.

      Emma x

  3. Hi Emma,

    Just wanted to say hi and tell you that you are stunningly beautiful , your voice and your smile, your character in Phoneshop is hilarious and clever and I am looking at all your comments now and I am going to watch some of your later stuff as soon as I can.

    Have a great 2017!

    Big love to you from Mark – North London -x

    1. Hello Mark

      Goodness me, I’ve gone red – that’s very kind of you, ta. I’m so glad you enjoyed Phoneshop and Janine – I was always pretty fond of her, daft cow. Of course you’re very welcome to watch more of my work, but if you like a workplace sitcom and get sick of my face, can I please recommend Silicon Valley? I’m genuinely jealous of anyone that hasn’t watched it yet and gets to enjoy it for the first time – it’s a thing of beauty.

      Thanks again for your very kind message,

      Emma x

    1. Hi Deborah

      What a lovely message, thank you! It was a very different role from my usual comedy work, so your comment means an awful lot.

      Thanks again and all the best to you,

      Emma x

    1. Thanks Sinead! It was an absolute honour to be a part of. There’s nothing else about like Moving On at the moment, it’s got a kind of Play for Today feel – I hope it’s a series that sticks around as there’s so many stories to tell.

      Cheers so much,

      Emma x

  4. Hey. Just watched your episode of Moving On. Your a great actor, you totally owned the role and as a little added bonus you was rather pleasant on the eye;) When I googled you I was surprised to see you also from Coventry. Are you on Twitter? I done a search on google but didn’t see you flag up !!

    1. Hello Lucas

      That’s so kind of you, thanks very much ! I adored that role and was thrilled to get the opportunity to do some more drama. I really love comedy and that’s certainly not going to change, but it’s always been a dream to do both. I’ve never been on twitter – social media makes me nervous! – but I’m going to woman up and give it go…

      Cheers again,

      Emma x

    1. Hi Eva,

      I like your idea of my life much better than the reality – I sound great! I hate to spoil it but, although I work, I still manage to find time for procrastination, self-doubt and watching Real Housewives, so it seems only polite and healthy that I should spend some of that time saying hello to people who’ve been kind enough to take the time to say hello to me.

      I’m going to give twitter a go, but I’m not sure I’ll be too good at it – I know it sounds daft, but I find this much easier, it’s more like a normal chat. Still, wish me luck!

      Thanks for your message,

      Emma x

    1. I’m really glad you liked it! They’ve had some really good BFI documentaries on lately, things like We Are The Lambeth Boys, proper treasures. Have a watch if you get the chance.

      Emma x

  5. Hi Emma, writing comedy must be difficult,how do start with writing a script or screenplay, making sure all characters get equal funny lines?

    1. Hiya Lee

      How do you make sure all the characters get equally funny lines? It’s a good question and, I think, a really noble intention for a comedy writer to have.

      If you think about a stand-up telling a joke, it’s only them on stage, so if they get a laugh from delivering a punchline, it’s all down to their hard work – the build that makes the punchline possible (the set up, the bit where they explain the situation and context and the audience are quiet, listening not laughing) has to be done by them because they’re the only one there.

      When you get more than one performer, it’s quite common to leave the set up to one person and give the punchlines to the other. I think that sucks a bit, because the punchline performer gets laughs only made possible because the set up person’s put all the work in. I think, quite simply, the best writers let all the performers have a shot a being funny.

      Hope that makes sense/helps a bit and all the very best with your writing,

      Emma x

      1. Aw, cheers for looking out for me Sharon, that’s really nice of you. Thomasz, I don’t want to take off your testicles, but it’s still a polite no to the toenail clippings.

        Emma x

    1. Hi AJ

      Thanks! And yes, it was a lot of fun. I’m not confident about many things, but was always pretty proud of my ability to never corpse – after a few days on that set, I couldn’t make that claim anymore…

      Cheers again,

      Emma x

  6. Hi Emma,

    Just wanted to get in touch and tell you how much I have enjoyed “Home Time” I was a big fan of “Ideal” and also saw you in “Kill List” so got very excited when I learnt you had (co) written a comedy and found it on DVD. It was fantastic and I’ve introduced my girlfriend to it who also love it. Would love to see you do some more writing – any plans?

    All the best and please continue keep us entertained.


    1. Hi Aaron

      Apologies for the late reply. Kill List and Ideal were a joy to be a part of and I’m so happy to hear you and your girlfriend enjoyed Home Time, that means a lot. Neil and I are developing a couple of co-written projects and I’m writing my first novel, so we’ll have to see what the future holds – you might both be thoroughly sick of me by then!

      Thanks for such a lovely message, all the very best,

      Emma x

  7. Hi Emma,just to say I love everything you appear in ,especially phone shop ,carry on being gorgeous and funny.
    Kindest regards
    Martin .

    1. Hello Martin,

      I’ve gone red, but that’s really kind of you and a lovely message to receive, thanks very much! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed Phoneshop.

      All the very best you and thanks again,

      Emma x

    1. Hi Maria

      Firstly, I’m so sorry for this terribly late reply. Secondly, I know for a fact I wasn’t in the Railway Club because April 8th is my birthday and I was watching Making of a Murderer (warning, the next line contains spoilers). Word of advice, don’t watch Making of Murderer on your birthday if you’d like it to be a happy one, where you feel assured all’s right with the world.

      I have been to the Railway Club though, and liked it very much.

      Cheers for getting in touch,

      Emma x

  8. Hello funny lady,

    Is there any chance of phone shop making a comeback? I really miss it. Your all where so great and it was so funny.

    Much love

    Ben B

    1. Hello Ben B,

      I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed Phoneshop! In terms of a comeback, I really wouldn’t know. You’re right about the other actors, they’re great – we worked together for four years with three series and a pilot, which is a pretty good run for a UK sitcom, and both they and the show will always have a very fond place in my heart.

      Thanks so much for getting in touch and apologies for my ridiculously tardy reply!

      Emma x

  9. Just watched you in “inSecurity” – and cant believe that “β€˜Baby Cow have pitched this show for several years now and have been unable to get a commission, despite the fact that Coogan and Normal are both huge fans of it.” —

    I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but having been brought up watching the predominantly male centered figures growing up, i came the conclusion there wasn’t much female talent out there, its so wrong I have to find out like this that I was so wrong, I think you are excellent example to the contrary. πŸ˜€

    I have a proposition — You, Julia Davis, Jessica Hynes and a backup in case one of you expires [still undetermined], all sit down together in a room, the doors are locked, and no one leaves until theres a fully fleshed out (minimum) 6 part series. I believe the sheer desperation of the project will see us through.

    Hit me or Julia Davis up to arrange the details!

    1. Oh Jessica Hynes, I dearly wish you HAD written this message. I’d say “sure Jessica, sounds good – let me know what works for you diary-wise”. What I wouldn’t say is anything about you being a truly mesmeric performer delivering unsurpassed levels of perception in performances, as that would be heavy and weird. I might also point out that, from my perspective, there’d be no need to lock the doors – if you and Julia Davis (a genre defining originator who’s given iconic voice, heart and centre stage to the kind of creations normally left firmly outside) were there, I’d be there willingly, maybe even try and prolong things with canasta or low-key invented crises. But, I don’t think this is you Jessica Hynes, so I won’t say any of that.

      InSecurity was a great concept and a real labour of love for Paul Tonkinson and John Archer – I felt honoured they let me be a part of a project that was so close to their hearts.

      Cheers very much for the message,

      Emma xx

  10. Hello
    I’ve never seen you in anything before, but have just watched “Moving On” on iPlayer. Absolutely brilliant performance – totally convincing. Congratulations! I’ll look out for you in future productions.

    1. Hi Vivian,

      That’s so kind of you, thanks! I was chuffed to be a part of it. Cheers for being lovely and all the very best to you
      Emma x

  11. Haha, like many others I’ve just been watching you in Moving On on BBC1 Scotland. I remembered you from Ideal (fantastic!) but it feels as though it’s been far too long since we’ve seen your wonderful talent – we want MORE! πŸ™‚ As a Mum of 2 grown-up girls who have been through that teenage stage I can genuinely say that your acting really was so absolutely believable. Well Done, very best wishes to you! πŸ™‚ Sue.

    1. Hiya Sue,

      I LOVED Ideal! It was my first telly role, I was TERRIFIED, but there couldn’t have been a nicer bunch of people to work with
      I’m so glad you enjoyed Moving On. That episode was written by Shaun Duggan – if you haven’t already seen it, check out an episode he wrote for Accused, Tracie’s Story. He’s a genuinely gifted writer. Thanks again for your encouragement, it means an awful lot
      Emma x

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