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Or you could leave a comment below. I’m going to give twitter a go, but am, frankly, nervous. I like this message board and saying hello in an olde worlde way.


Emma x

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  1. HI Emma,

    Good to see a fellow Coventrian doing well. You stole the show in Phoneshop, you were both stunning and hilarious! Home Time struck a lot of chords, I left coventry for Canada and went back after 10 years, it was like a ghost town turning into coffee shops and pound shops. It wasn’t home anymore. Anyway, keep up the good work! You’re badass!

  2. Hi Emma,

    English fella living in Hong Kong here and missing home a bit. Looking for TV gems from home to watch and came across a review of your sitcom Home Time – would love to watch it – any idea where I can get hold of it?


  3. Hi! Bit of a random thing like but I just saw that you were listed on wikipedia as a Bretton college alum, is that true? I was there from 2005, I proper loved it. Anyways I’ve always thought you were hilarious everything but especially PhoneShop and Home Time. That Brian from E17 mural on the bedroom door was an interior decorating tour de force.

  4. Hi Emma,
    I love everything you do so please never stop 🙂 I am also guilty of having a huge crush on you, please let me assure you that with your incredible looks and personality I am but one of many to get lost in those Big Beautiful blue eyes of yours!
    I wish you the very best of luck in all that you do and hope life is good to you:)
    Keep smiling and keep up the good work!!
    Much Love and Good Wishes
    Yours in a Heart Beat

    Adam xx

  5. Hi Emma, I’m from Holland and I had never heard of you before, but I was impressed by your performance in In The Dark and even more by your intimadating beauty.

  6. H Emma, loving “In the Dark” & just watched Kill List. Thought you played the part superbly of the “scary but sexy lady”. One thing though. Why did the priest say thank you to Jay/Neil as he killed him and then the pervert in the kitchen said “it was a privilege to meet you”. I was a little lost there. Last one of ITD tomorrow so hope to see you back soon

  7. Hi Emma,
    I have just watched you in the first two episodes of the BBC Drama In the dark. I must say i thought it was fab !!
    There was a particular scene when you were in the remote pub with Myanna Buring, you grabbed her hand and I noticed your thumb bend in quite a bit, this led me to wonder if you are hypermobile ? I hope I’m not being too personal but I myself suffer from joint hypermobility syndrome and tend to notice this sort of thing.
    I do hope I’ve not offended you in anyway, look forward to seeing you on screen soon,

  8. Hi Emma

    When are you going to put some stuff on the “stuff you like” page? Or are you fibbing about being a fan of stuff?

    What did you have for dinner? I had baked maple and thyme figs and walnuts with a buckwheat, sweet potato and sugar snap salad.

    The cats send their love.

  9. Hi Emma

    I’m a little obsessed with you! But not in a creepy stalker way, don’t worry.

    It’s a thrill to have you back on the telly. I love watching you in straight roles. The Kill List is one of my favourite films so having you and MyAnna together again is exciting. Is it a coincidence that you’re working with each other once more?

    I have three cats, Hannibal, Bedelia and Frederick. Hanny and Lia are fluffy Birmans with big blue eyes and Freddie is a little Singapura with big golden green peepers.

    Here’s their Instagram account

    I really like avocados. I hate celery though. It’s the work of Satan.

    1. Hi Mark

      Thanks for your very kind message! Yes, it was just a coincidence that I got to work with MyAnna again, but one I loved. She’s ACE.

      Your cats are ridiculously beautiful and I’ve never seen a breed like Freddie before. I recently thought I’d become the owner of a gorgeous stray cat, but it turned out he’s just an utter charmer who already had a very loving home. He’s got a lovely owner who still lets him visit, though. Apparently, I wasn’t the first!

      Thanks again for being so supportive, I appreciate it.

      Emma x

  10. Emma – just saw you in ‘In the Dark’ – what a change in direction and what a great performance – great stuff

    1. Hi Robert

      Thanks such a lovely message to receive, thank you! I really appreciate it.

      All the very best to you,

      Emma x

  11. Hi Emma
    Love you in Phone Shop!
    I’m sure you have been asked before but i really like the necklaces you wear in
    Phone Shop! Especially the one that looks like ‘Cock & Balls’ ….. Where did you get it from?


    1. Hi Jon

      I’d love to take credit for that gem, but it’s not my work. A truly brilliant costume designer called Fiona Chilcott came up with the cock and balls pendant, and many other Janine-details people remember. I looked forward to every costume change on that job – there was always some bit of beautiful daftness.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the series and thanks very much for your message,

      Emma x

    1. Hiya Lee

      Done – and not because I’m a sucker for praise, but because one of my loved ones recently received wonderful care at a similar facility, it’s a great cause. Hope you’re doing OK, it’s a lovely thing you’re doing in your Dad’s name.

      All the very best,

      Emma x

    1. Hi Jason

      I LOVED Ideal. It ran for seven series which is incredible for a British sitcom so I don’t know if it’d come back, but it’d be so ace if it ever did. Graham Duff created brilliantly diverse characters and a central concept that could run and run – I’d happily sign up for a lifetime contract!

      All the very best,

      Emma x

  12. For sale- 09 plate Ford fiesta, new Mot and recently replaced brakes. £750 ono. 07414999317
    You’re really sexy and you was amazing in Kill list. Disturbing, but a great film.

    1. Hello Sid

      I’m so proud to have been a part of Kill List, like you I think it’s a great film. I’d also agree it’s disturbing – I remember not being able to speak for about 25 minutes when I left the screening and pointing out my drink selection at the bar when I couldn’t find the words.

      Cheers for your message,

      Emma x

      PS Hope you sold your Fiesta. If not, I’d wait it out and not be too tempted to budge on price – seems pretty fair to me.

  13. I just wanted to say I think your a great actress and writer gorgeous and of course funny. You seem down to earth and really caring. Hope to see you on the TV again soon. Take care from James.

    1. Hello James

      Gosh, thank you very much. I’ll be in a new BBC drama that starts soon actually. It was a fantastic project and I’m really hoping I’ve not ruined it by being rubbish…

      Thanks again for your very generous message, it means a lot.

      Emma x

  14. Hi Emma,

    You’re so funny in phoneshop and play such a quality character. You’re such a beautiful woman too and continue to be a fantastic actress in everything else you’ve been in. Also I want to know what it’s like working with the phoneshop cast as from an outsider it looks a great fun to be a part of.


    1. Hello Hunter

      Cheers very much for your message. I don’t know what to say in response to the first part except thanks, as it rendered me a bit red/stumbly/mumbly, but, to the second part, working with that cast was ACE. They were lovely people, but also the crew were brilliant and a lot of them worked on each series, making a nice phoneshop family feel. So, if it looked like fun to you, you’re spot on!

      Thanks again for such a kind message,

      Emma x

    1. Hi Simon

      Another? Huh. I can promise you you’re in a VERY small minority there. Cheers for being so complementary though, you’re very kind and I thank you.

      Emma x

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