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Or you could leave a comment below. I’m going to give twitter a go, but am, frankly, nervous. I like this message board and saying hello in an olde worlde way.


Emma x

484 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Hello Emma
    Watched you in moving on. Loved it so much I looked you up and here you are.
    Loved your acting you should do more of this kind of drama it suits you.
    All best wishes

    1. Hello Jo,

      Thank you so much! I loved working on Moving On and (fingers tightly crossed) I’m hoping to do a bit more drama this year. I really appreciate your message
      Cheers again, Emma x

  2. Hi Emma

    Just watched the episode of Moving On and as a mother of 4 girls and future teenagers I just want to say what a fantastic performance, very moving, memorable with a little comedy thrown in and particularly loved the ending. I think you should do more dramas. Congratulations again.

    Anita x

    1. Hi Anita,

      That’s really kind of you, thanks

      It’s also really nice to have the seal of approval from a mum of four girls! I think it was an important topic to explore.

      Cheers again and all the best to you and your future teenagers,

      Emma x

  3. Hi Emma We are just catching up with last weeks Moving On series & wanted to say how much we enjoyed your performance. You were very convincing as a struggling single Mum doing her best. We loved the end & we were cheering you on ! Look forward to seeing you in more TV productions.

    Linda. ?

    1. Hi Linda,

      The idea of the character I played being cheered on somewhere is a properly lovely thing – thank you so much! I was really chuffed to be a part of the project

      Cheers again – you’ve made my day.

      Emma x

  4. Hi Emma. Never really do this but just saw Moving On and your great performance – moving, amusing and memorable. Having worked in televison for many years it’s rare to have such a pleasant surprise.

    Hope to see you on screen again very soon.

    All the best

    1. Hi Martyn,

      Well, I’m really glad you did, because that’s a lovely message to receive! I find it pretty nerve wracking when a project comes out, so that means an awful lot – thank you.

      Emma x

    1. Hi Simon,

      Cheers very much! I’ll be honest, it felt cracking to shout about in a restaurant – in real life, I’m too respectful of other diners to have ever given it a go.

      Thanks again and keep well yourself,

      Emma x

  5. As a seasoned professional showbiz journalist it’s not often that I am sufficiently moved to pen a personal note – but having just watched you in Moving On, I have to say I thought your performance was absolutely stunning. Well done, Emma – I look forward to seeing you in more TV dramas.

    1. Hello Neil,

      Gosh, thank you. It was a different sort of role for me and I really enjoyed the opportunity.

      Thanks again for your message, I appreciate it very much.

      Emma x

  6. Hi Emma,
    Just a quick message to say what a great job you did in today’s afternoon play ” A Picture of Innocence” part of the always excellent BBC 1 Moving on series. Lucky for me my working shifts this week are allowing me to watch them.
    Look forward to seeing more of your work.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Gavin,

      Thanks very much! I’m really glad you liked the episode
      I agree with you about Moving On as a series – I think it’s great and does something that’s very rare now, having each episode as a self-contained story. I hope it continues for a long time to come.

      Cheers again,

      Emma x

  7. Hi I was not aware of you until today when I saw you in a TV program Moving On. I would like to say how blown away I was. I am 57 and seen a lot of film but your acting was amazing and even more so for a short TV drama. Thank you. Made my day. First time I’ve felt compelled to do this. Good luck in future ventures you deserve it.

    1. Hi Colin,

      That’s a huge complement, thank you so much. I was pretty nervous about it as it’s a different kind of role for me, so your message has made my day
      Cheers, I really appreciate it,

      Emma x

  8. Hi Emma, just seen you in a series called moving on, wonderful performance of a supportive mum rising above the problems and difficult situation, you a new fan x

    Best wishes and look forward to seeing you in more things.

    1. Hello Allan,

      That’s so nice of you, thanks! I was really chuffed to be a part of it – I thought it was a great story and a cracking script

      Cheers again,

      Emma x

  9. Just listened to the last episode of Shedtown. What an extraordinary performance by . She stole the show from some great performers. Even better than Phone Shop were she did exactly the same. Fantastic

    1. Hello Bernie,

      What a lovely message, thank you! I’m so chuffed to have been involved in Shedtown – it’s a work of art and was always loads of fun to record.
      Thanks again, I really appreciate you getting in touch

      Emma x

  10. Hi Emma

    It’s the Hazel O’Conner fan club here

    Have you got projects coming up? When are you back on the box?

    Tell All & up the Sky Blues


    1. “Nuts flat under your feet Good sniff and a shoe shine with the scrotum.”

      There are chemicals that might help you with this….honestly, I would be happy to steal them from work, wont be a problem and I would be happy to risk my registration if it would possibly make sites like this safer from such comments…..all in a good cause you know!

    1. Hi Danny,

      Cheers very much! In a way I‛d love it, but I reckon I might be too hesitant. There’s a real skill to it, so I’ve got a lot of respect for those who do it well, particularly the women who are getting to do a sterling job now. I’ll get practicing!

      Cheers again, Emma x

  11. Hello again Emma.

    Could you pass on to Jerwaine, lol Javone, nice to see his show, seen two and a half (2.5) episodes so far.

    Wow, that singer, Carleen Anderson, wow, what a voice and what nice looks she has, been on and purchased all her albums.

    Directly I never came across her before, but now I have, I feel more manly.

    Nice also to see Cuzzy and your best friend lol Rochelle, the one you went after wearing Gary’s tie.

    Seems phoneshop has finished as Javone getting tubby and him on the bloated brodcasting coorporation, opps, b.b.c.

    So could you pass onto Javone, the thanks, I like his show, but, a six outta ten (6/10) so far.

    But a ten outta 10 (10/10) for allowing me to see and hear Carleen Anderson 🙂

    Hope to see you soon on t.v. Emma and even though I have two (2) of the phoneshop series on d.v.d. can’t find season three (3) could you ask the catch-up t.v. section to put it back on catch-up also I.T. crowd too.


    1. Hello again Lee,

      Carleen Anderson – wow indeed, she’s incredible! I’m glad you liked Jav’s show and hope you got to see the rest of it – it was great

      I’m honestly not sure what’s happening with the phoneshop series 3 DVD. In terms of re-runs, thanks so much for crediting me with any sway with catch up TV – if I asked, I’m pretty sure their only responses would be “Who is this?” and “Sorry, who?”

      Hope the DVD comes out soon, but in the meantime I think all the I.T Crowd eps are back on 4od – I’m a big fan of that show myself!

      Really nice to hear from you again,

      Emma x

  12. Hi Emma,

    Love your work Was wondering if there was any stand up on the horizon?As a brummie be great if you was touring locally.


    1. Hi Markie,

      It’s been a while since I did stand up, but – although the thought terrifies me – it’s something I really want to get back into. If I were to do it again, the home soil of the Midlands would be a good place to start

      Thanks so much for getting in touch,

      Emma x

  13. Hi Emma,
    Loving the Critical series – and your quirky character in it ! keep up the good work & best wishes for the future

    1. Hi Paul,

      Sorry for the stupidly late reply and thank you for your very kind message! I’m so glad you enjoyed Critical – it was a privilege to be a part of it
      Thanks again – it means a lot.

      Emma x

    1. Hello Stan,

      My word, you’re talented! I’ll be singing Hearts and Books for days – that’s a beautiful song. No, I’ve never written songs and having heard your work, you wouldn’t want it ruined by my first time attempts

      Write and record loads more – I’m off for another listen to Hearts and Books.

      Emma x

    1. Hi John,

      Please forgive the late reply! Looking back, the day was a good’un – thanks very much for the birthday wishes

      Emma x

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